About us

This time The Hundert – the leading magazine of the Berlin startup scene – goes above and beyond print. In cooperation with eywalk, the new online platform Hey-Startups introduces all featured Berlin startups of the Hundert 6 in a selfie perspective. 100 office tours and video interviews presenting the companies and their founders. Time to say Hey!

About the Hundert – the leading startup magazine

In late 2013, Jan Thomas and Konstantin Iwanow published the first issue of The Hundert as an experiment. Growing out of Jan’s startup news blog, Berlin Valley, the magazine began with a distribution of 12 500 copies and the intention to produce a one-time issue, dedicated to exploring Berlin’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene in the eyes of 100 important people. Without ulterior motives and without a business plan, the pair only wanted to ‘try things to see if they’re fun and whether they have a right to exist.’ After an incredibly successful reception, it was decided that the Hundert would continue and since its first issue, the magazine has become a staple of the Berlin startup scene. Today free copies of the Hundert can be found at every leading Berlin startup event and its always-available free digital version has seen great popularity and success.

About eywalk – video suporter

eywalk.com wants to become the platform and market place where people create and share authentic videos about locations from a selfie-perspective. The format provides a fun and cost-efficient alternative to text and photo-based location reviews as well as to traditional image and film advertising. Andreas Ebert and Dirk Müller-Dornieden founded eywalk in March 2015 and are currently bootstrapping eywalk, working to produce videos for corporate clients, publishers, organizations and agencies. Simultaneously, eywalk is looking for seedfunding to launch eywalk.com and the eywalk app.